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Marijuana Is The Worst Thing In The World.....

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Thanks for posting this xxsesimeseedxx - We need to see things like this so we can counter them ;)


This complete GARBAGE they are putting out pisses me off :angry:

These people NEED to get their facts straight..They wouldn't have a leg to stand on in a debate against their own links... in the GARBAGE they are posting for people to read....


They say The American Academy Of Pediatrics opposes the legalization of Marijuana.....OK but they also say..They support the rigorous scientific research regarding the use of cannabanoids for releif of symptomsnot currently ameliorated ny existing drug formulations. Translation.... They know it has Medical benefits, but want to see more research before fully supporting all out legalization. As of recent research they support- Marijuana to treat Autism.. see link for story and video. http://www.digitaljo.../article/282861


Next they say the AMA rejected Marijana as a medicine..they are either stupid or just knowingly publishing LIES.and their info is a bit outdated recently.The AMA actually said They urge that Marijuana's status as a federal schedule 1 controlled substance be reveiwed with the goal of facilitating research and development of cannabanoid based medicines and alternative delivery methods...Here is the link...http://blog.mpp.org/medical-marijuana/the-white-house-lies-about-ama-position/12162009/


And I could continue to tear apart the GARBAGE they are publishing!! I've said on theese forum's before I beleive educating the nay sayer's is really important, when you put the fact's out there it's hard for anyone to argue..Marijuana is just a drug, I love to write new's article's on Medical Marijuana, so maybe my next one will be printing out there GARBAGE and tearing it apart!!!!!




And if you can tear the negative info apart... the best thing to do would be to get the points out to the 'general public' through getting the ear of a newspaper or the local news station.


Otherwise just by posting it here on this site you would only be 'preaching to the choir' (not that that is a bad thing) but it's the 'nay sayers' and 'fence sitters' OUT THERE that need to hear it.


I personally would like to hear your break down of the oppositions negatives points... I am sure it would be good.

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