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7 Candidates Debate In Race For Michigan Governor

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Questions for the Wannabes, anyone?




(Thaty's EASY - Just Can the Politicians)





Free... thanks for the post.


This political stuff usually comes down to picking the 'stuffed shirt' with the least amount of b.s..


And it is ALWAYS a tough decision.


But I've got to go with the guy that has the most positive things to say about the MMJ law and the LEAST amount of 'police union' backing.


So... for me that definitely leaves out our good buddy Mr. Bouchard... and if you look at a close up of his lapel button it will tell you a great deal about him... he has a LARGE amount of support from the LEO community... not that that makes him a bad person... but it DOES tell you WHERE he comes from and where he's HEADED.


Thanks again.

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