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Task Force Activity - Byrne Justice Grant Updates

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I'm guessin,' with Money on their [mindless] Minds, the State will label EVERY green, leafy herb as "Hydro".


From page #25:


Measure Definition Reporting Format Changes Made



Drug amounts, in kilograms (kg), seized in clandestine drug labs during the reporting period. Remember that 1000g = 1kg. Answer should be reported in kg. Drug seizure values will be calculated by the tool based on values provided by BJA. You may verify your response through a number of sites available through the internet. You may search using the "conversion of grams to kilograms."

A. Heroin

B. Cocaine (powder)

C. Crack cocaine

D. Marijuana commercial grade

E. Marijuana hydroponic

F. Methamphetamine

G. Methamphetamine ice

H. Ecstasy (MDMA)

I. Other (text box)





Apparently the NAZIs ruling The People haven't yet realized that we are SO AWARE they tend to deliberately always cross-mix the slang spellings just to harmfully hide the Real Facts about the wonderful, HEALING Herb we all Know and Love as CANNABIS.


NAZI Spin-Doctors.


Mafeasants in action. (Or, rather, LACK thereof)


If One looks for "Leaders," One will ALWAYS be a FOLLOWER.


I wouldn't trust any of Michigan's wannabe dictators to watch the weather, let alone watch over the People of Michigan!



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