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Rep Rick Jones Wants To Ban Marijuana Clubs


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Rep Rick Jones wants to submits bill to outlaw marijuana clubs.




This asshat wants to tell us who we can associate with.



420Peace ______,


He also thinks he is going to be a State Senator...

With his Crusade as a Marijuana Hater the voters can let him know he will no longer be associating with the Pols in Lansing


Because he will not have the benifit of our Medical Marijuana Voting Block...

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Let's repeat the info on this particular pol, so everyone that cares can get the full picture of the guy.


He is: Rep., Rick Jones... Republican out of Grand Ledge, Michigan.


ALSO the former SHERIFF of Eaton County.


Surprised that he is anti-MMJ?


I'm not.


Take some notes folks... November is right around the corner.

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