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Important Question For Care-Givers And Patients

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Greetings, Cannabis Advocates!


I have some diet imperative health related questions that I could really use some experienced help in understanding; And, I was hoping someone with knowledge of this particular health-ailment may be able to provide some answers for me on behalf of someone I know.


So, here goes:


First, does any one of our members, or any of our members' friends and/or family members, have any personal knowledge or awareness of a not-so-uncommon health ailment clinically labeled as "Celiac Disease"?


If you or someone you know has "CELIAC DISEASE," are you aware of anyone using the Wonderful, Healing Herb, CANNABIS, to help treat or reverse the life-debilitating symptoms of CELIACS DISEASE?


The main reason I am asking this here and now is due to the unfortunate circumstances of a longtime friend who recently became afflicted with the tormenting condition.


To complicate health (and Spiritual) matters much further, this friend is an avid "Church-Goer" who now suffers coinsiderably more so than usual by partakeing of the coveted little round [or squared] wafer of "Bread" of his church's service of "Holy Communion".


Of course, already being a sufferer of the physical symptoms and conditions of CELIAC DISEASE, by partaking of those seemingly harmless little wafers of "bread" and wine (actually, Vatican-asserted to be transubstantiated Flesh & Blood, for those who subscribe to the Catholic Cult Ceremonies of Holocaust Communions which include the symbolic [or transubstantial] consumption of "the Flesh/Bread and Wine/Blood of the ceremonial rites of the Eucharist), my friend, baffling as h*ll to me, continues to keep telling himself that he "HAS TO" partake of the "Communion Bread," regardless of the physical reaction to the gluten in the wafer, in order to be "Saved".


Rather than get into the various discussions we've had about the controversial merits and "salvational benefits" [or, to be fair, the possible lack thereof] in partaking of the "Flesh/Bread," or not, I would like to ask any of the many culturally diverse members and contributors to the forums of the MMMA, if anyone has ever personally practiced, or heard of any other person treating or otherwise addressing the harmful physical symptoms and "Communion Effects" of CELIAC DISEASE with Cannabis Oils, or even the "replacement" of "Communion Bread" with Cannabis Flour?


At first, due to Peanut Butter's prior knowledge and experience in healing with Cannabis Oils, I thought of posing this question directly to "Peanut Butter," but, then thought it may be a good "Health Topic" to discuss on the forums.


(Of course, I'm surely still hoping to hear what you may know and have to share in this respects as well, PB! : )


Any thoughts, anyone?


Thanks to ALL!


Be Informed.




And, Share the Faith

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(this is my opinion and will debate my beliefs on religion openly, but not on a forum. thank you)

My GF has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and has brought this up with her support groups. Gluten-intolerant people have very trying lives. It's not just the absence of bread or wheat products, it's the cross-contamination that is the biggest fear and as a wheat-loving boyfriend, I also live in fear that I will slack and contaminate or not clean enough...I find myself being very OCD on this topic...

but back to the original problem...

staunch catholics and the clergy have not addressed this growing question about communion and the body of Him. most of the hardline christian beliefs state it must share from one loaf and there has been no consideration for amending this for the bread intolerant. My GF is not hardline and not catholic so she is on the outside of the debate, but it comes to once again some holy intervention is needed for reform. I'm not practicing organized religion, but i find it funny that some believe that doing something like taking communion to show your acceptance and willingness of sacrifice is what He wants even if it harms you in many, many ways. Some on the topic say this is a small sacrifice to make considering all the sacrifices told in that storybook, but what kind of Protector would want you to cause harm, sometimes unreversible harm like reproductive damage and cancer? Just shy of "Branding for the Lord" in my opinion.

It's the stiff collars that keep closed eyes to a changing world that keep real progress from happening.


I applaud gluten free members, check out their menu options next time you're at your local restaurant. you'd be suprised with the results. (PS, if anyone has any good Gluten Free restaurants or recipes, let me know!)



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Ask your friend in a sincere manner because it matters, really matters to them,


"would a merciful God who sent His only begotten Son to shed His blood and die on the cross for you to forgive your sins, ask that you sacrifice yourself by participating in a ritual? Just speak to the Clergy at the church you attend and tell them it is life threatening.

They will either make provisions or give you a pass".


That is what the outcome will be and all they need do is speak their heart to those they have Shepard over them.

I sincerely hope they make the effort.

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