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Peat Pots Are A No No!

Guest finallyfree09

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Guest finallyfree09

i made so many mistakes it isn't even funny when i started my grow. i will discuss the worst one right now so any newbies reding this don't make the same mistake i did. i can't believe i did this and i should have known better. its what i get for being WAY out of practice i suppose.


NEVER USE PEAT POTS TO START SEEDS!!!! if you don't keep the pots wet enough for the roots to grow through you will stunt your plants so severely you may have to kill them and start over. i have had 6 plants growing for a month and a half and they stopped growing at 4 inches. even after they were placed in larger pots they didn't grow an inch... not even a millimeter. i knew this was a mistake deep down but it has been so long since i have done this that i forgot EVERY SINGLE TRICK I KNOW to successful gardening.


i like to start the seeds right in the soil. i am clumsy so i have a tendency to break the tips of the roots off of the seeds if i start them in paper towel.


start your seeds in peat PELLETS. they are the little flat wafers that puff right up when you add water to them. as soon as the plant pops up and turns its leaves toward the light, transfer them into 3 inch pots an go from there.


i totally screwed up my first attempt in years at starting seeds and had to remeber how i used to do it and WHY I DID IT THAT WAY. i had to start over with the pellets and am getting great results in jus a week. everything looking picture perfect now (sorry no pics).


NEWBIES...... don't make the same mistake if you are planning on growing in soil! peat pots take to much attention to successfully start seeds. peat PELLETS only.


now that i have properly gotten the ball rolling it should go quite smoothly.


greenhouse white widow is lookin great... maybe i will post some pics later on.... just not any pics of my newbie-style mistake. how embarassing :(

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Thanks " finallyfree09 "


I just love those Jiffy Pellets ...

I 've been very successful using them for seeds and clones ...


They remind me of Hockey Pukes :D


Check this out :




200 Count- Jiffy 7 Peat Soil Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs:

Indoor Seed Starter- Start Planting Indoors for Transplanting

to Garden or Planter Pot - $25.00

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