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Veg And Flowering Same Time?


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im just getting stated(planning stage)and have a 12 by 12 by 15 space. want to stay within perameters of law(dont want to much yield). What would be the best way to have 3 stages of 4 plants each without spending a large sum of money? Im using soil and have ventilaion and watering covered. wondering do I need to build three seperate sections or can it be done in one room. Have mother not sure if I should do 5 and 5 or what. I know this is pretty general and could be done a number of ways but a little brainstorming with your help would be great. Thanks B

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You could build shelves w/ T-5 flouros


Check out these T-5s...they also come in 8 bulb ...6 bulb...4 bulb


Two kinds of bulbs...red and blue




You could set up scrog tables or use them for time staggered veg areas before moving into a full bloom room


Anyhow check out those digital high output T-5s :D

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