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What Kind Of Medical Documentation Is Needed?


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What kind of medical documentation is needed to show a MD to sign the MMJ application? I just need to know just in case a couple of my prospective patients MD's are NON-MMJ friendly and need to find one that is. Patients DX's are ranging from Terminal cancer to Chronic pain due back surgery. Patients are using meds but have no card

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Records will vary by Dr and Clinic you visit.


Usually something which clearly states their condition will cover it.


In some cases certain clinics have passed over the records when they can clearly

see evidence of an injury (friend had to have his entire shoulder rebuilt and there

is clear scaring from the surgery).


The more records you have the easier the process will be.

I really think it would be a case by case thing and you would be best talking to whichever

clinic you are close to and comfortable with and seeing what they say (give them examples

of the various conditions)


If you know anyone who has a serious need and is using cannabis now but does not have a card

do them a favor and help them become legal.

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My problem is that I do have things wrong but they are not documented..If they pushed surgery before this I would just say no because I know this helps...I shouldn't have to get hacked up to get a card ya know?


It works great for my insomnia but that isn't covered under the law.

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