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some of us still work. Wish you could do a Saturday event..

Canna Farmers Market will be held today from 3pm to 8pm at 357 Columbia ave west battle creek 49015 call 269-282-6337 or 269-317-5981 for more info.     The market has been helping many people o

Big thanks to everyone involved with the Canna Farmer's Market - was our second time and we had fun! This club proves a wonderful setting for a great event. Educational - Friendly - Busy!   Hopi

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Oh 1337green the people are still really cool but you would think they could make a little space for someone that drove 4 hours to get there also dispensaries seem to have taken over. Origanlly there was Corey from Lansing now the last three times I went there was three or four different ones. I really liked the first time I went when it was almost all individuals.

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yeah i had the same experience with having just a number of individual growers. there was a collective (or two) there. it is sad to think that large collectives and dispensaries would be the driving force in a "Farmer's Market". Where is the fun in talking with someone that DIDN'T farm your herbs?

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no, i was saying that when i went in December there mostly just individual growers there. It was really great. Hearing that there are more collectives and dispensaries are participating takes the allure out of it for me. i like hanging with a bunch of other growers and trying each other's meds. that was a blast. Maggie and the gang have been totally cool with me since the get. but, i was comiserating if things have changed.

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