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We Have Got To Do Some Thing

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Ok i keep reading about people and families being broken up raided and put in jail for mmj. THIS IS BULL bunny muffin!!!! We the people of michigan voted to pass this law that is why we have it. We the people of michigan are the only ones that can stop this bunny muffin. All theese LEO's the heads of state heads of cities and sheriffs and all the wonderfull people that are oposed to the use of mmjincluding judges mainly the people that have to be elected into their positions, what they need to realize is that the same people that voted to have the use of mmj(we the people of michigan) are the same people that vote for them when election time comes around. So here is my thought. We need to do our homework and find out exactly who is against the mmj law (I know not all are out to get us but most are) once we know who the opposition is, the word needs to spread not to reelect these corupt power hungry tirants. what the heads of our cities,counties, and state need to get threw their heads is if u are not with us you are against us and we do not want people governing us if they do not support us. So i say find out who they are let them know that they need to change there thought process on the situation or they will not get reelected. Lets not forget to let them know that all but 2 counties in michigan voted to pass this law by 50% or greater. thats a lot of voters to deside who will be incharge. all im saying is if we dont speak out we are all gonna get messed in one way or another.remembeer everyone its WE THE PEOPL FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Our government does not give a bunny muffin about us, and i have my growing list of local officals that i and others i know will not be reelecting and that includes the idiot sheriff of Macomb county!



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