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Cannabis Industry

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Sisters and Brothers


Sorry about the mistake in the description"NEWSISTERS"I can't remove it


At 10pm on the National Geographic Channel is a segment from a series called Drugs Inc. this episode is titled MARIJUANA:The Cannabis Industry


I'm sure National Geographic will cover their arse and present evidence from both ends of the spectrum of opinion on cannabis, I will be listening closely for any out and out lies and will call the offender on the carpet for them.


I'm glad to see more main stream media is presenting more balanced coverage as apposed to years pass when "devil weed" was "undermining our youth" more medical references are being made.


The ridiculous amount of tax payer money being spent everyday on prosecuting cannabis users is starting to get more attention (finally) impart do to the lousy economy and people wanting to know more than ever where tax payer monies are being spent.


Just an fyi thinking someone may find it interesting and we also have to keep them honest and point out to any broadcasters any blatant errors or out right lies about cannabis.


I still to this day here some of the most asinine "facts" about cannabis that just make stop to think where are people getting this information and do news channels research "facts" before airing a story.


there is situation in California where a Reverend was talking to a news anchor and said; "Marijuana is more addicting than cocaine" and that if its legalized 'the flood gates of death and despair will open" oh by the way, the good Reverend is a recovering crack addict.


I drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes before i ever tried cannabis.


Just tell the truth and stop all the lies about cannabis just so more money can be appropriated to ruin peoples lives for smoking a joint.


One more thing before I go. We are dealing with some pretty stiff resistance to our right under the law to cultivate, use and even transfer cannabis for a donation, check out what Australia is doing to stop all of of what we can do.


According to WEED WORLD #77 Medical Users Special. Australia has passed laws making possession the following items illegal;

1) Grow lights

2) Reflectors

3) Carbon Filters

"and associated equipment that can be used in the growing of marijuana".


Anyone caught with any of it can get up to two years in prison.


Attorney General Michael Atkinson said "these are the tools of the deadly marijuana trade"


We're not the only ones with a lame AG it appears.


I feel bad for ilk down under, being treated like drug dealers with such a blanket statement about cannabis "deadly marijuana trade" just proves his ignorance and or lack of compassion.


Forget about the cancer patient trying to be able to eat or the chronic pain sufferer who just wants some quality back in their life, lets condemn them all and their wicked devil weed all to hell.



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It's ten o'clock but I don't have a TV, unfortunately. Funny, that popular "Down Under" song by Men At Work was recently cited by Australian courts for plagiarism. And if the U.S. can't control MJ growing in it's own nat'l parks, how is the Australian government proposing to limit MJ growing it's outback, proper? Or maybe they don't want competition from indoor breeders. I would think there'd be lots of asian strains available there on the streets.

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