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Last Updated: July 14. 2010 11:26AM Court: Michigan's medical pot law isn't


Associated Press


*Caro* -- The Michigan appeals court says the state's medical marijuana law

can't be used retroactively to save people from drug charges.


The court reversed a decision by a Tuscola County judge, who had dismissed

charges against a man caught with nine plants and drug paraphernalia. Keith

Campbell says he was using marijuana for medicinal purposes.


But the bust occurred in 2007, a year before the marijuana law took effect.


The appeals court said Wednesday there are defenses to possessing pot if the

drug is used to ease illness. But the court notes there's nothing in the law

allowing it to be applied retroactively.


From The Detroit News:


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I hope this patient can afford to appeal this to the state supreme court. They might see it differently. I sure hope they do.


Why would they be protected by using it before it is legal for them to use, it would have helped with my pain probably before i was legal but i waited till i was legal to avoid a situation like this don't see why people can't manage that.

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