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What Medical Benefits Does Cannabis Have?

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I removed the word "pot" from the title of this story as it was original posted. I am glad we are getting decent press I just wish "cannabis" was used more often.


I wonder how many of these news agency's,politicians,cops and even Doctor's know that the AMA opposed the criminalization of cannabis in 1937.





Several states now make it legal for people to smoke marijuana to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, glaucoma and other conditions.


Some people wonder if there's any science to back up the claims that pot helps sick people.


Reports from the Drug Policy Alliance Network say that the benefits include treatments for post-operative pain, pain from spinal-cord injuries, peripheral pain, migraines and problems during chemotherapy.


The Mayo Clinic acknowledged in an online article called "Marijuana as Medicine: Consider the Pros and Cons that studies have confirmed the pain-killing effect of the drug. It also may make more conventional pain medications work better at lower dosages.


New studies are looking at whether marijuana can even change how a disease progresses. Some suggest that it could fight autoimmune disorders or that pot has anti-cancer properties.


Right now, of course, most states still ban any use of marijuana. And while the U.S. Department of Justice has said it will not prosecute those legally using or growing pot under state and local laws, the situation is still unclear for many.


And even advocates say that young people, pregnant or nursing mothers, those with a mental illness and others with heart or circulation problems probably should not get marijuana therapy.

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