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Subsonic Pwaves To Enhance Growth?

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People say music improves plant growth, music that replicates nature and cricketts etc. I wonder if subonic tones would be better. Vibration similar to geoactivity, geothermal, maybe even the rotation change of the earth in the event of an earthquake. Something that it must have learned and they must have formed some defense mechanism to vibration. Prepare for earthquakes, storms, floods, animals, maybe they receive that signal via vibration or P waves before the event shows up.


And my guess is that it's some sort of enhancement if you can crack the code. My guesses to enhancement is maybe a split second before the plant has something like an adrenal rush of activity but if you continue the reason for the secretion/alteration (whatever change it may be) you would have increased yield.


Also my hunch is speed, if you increased the speed of a plants turning, you formed a vortex of moving air but the plants g force will actually change as well. I wonder if this could result in some sort of root enhancement.


I've got a lightweight aeroturbine idea to pull this off, anybody game to throw in on a science project?

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