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Freeedom March Theme Song

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I wish I could get a recording of my version of "Teach Your Children" someplace for people to hear, it'd be my musical gift to everyone especially the organizers of the protests and those they're fighting for. As I was playing it I could hardly sing it because it made me cry, thinking of all those sufffering, I couldn't put it online anyway because of copyright laws, I prob'ly couldn't afford the license /permission to do it, but if I could find a way, you'd all hear it live. Music units peope, I've seen it happen many times, it's a very Powerful force, it's what keeps me alive- if the chat room had audio I could do it if I had a decent microophone.. You are all in my heart and in my prayers. We are teaching the world. There's a saying I learned several years ago that sums up a lot of my feelings, "Teach Peace." We are the light they need to see, whether they know it or not, whether they want it or not. The song Whitney Huston sings about the children being our future and teaching them well, is one that more people should take to heart, "The Greatest Love." That sums up a lot, too, because the deep Love inside me is what keeps me going, as well as the music. There are so many good songs out there that teach peace and love, expose truth and encourage justice, keep them coming. I haven't seen many of the videos here but I did see the CSN one, I used to jam on that song a LOT.


I Wish you All the Victory and Justice we need. THANK YOU ALL FOR STANDING UP FOR US.


Sincerely, with All My Heart, Sb

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