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Gather Tomorrow To Support Medical Marihuana In Michigan

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No doubt you have been reading and/or hearing about John Roberts, a registered medical marihuana patient and caregiver and his case in Saginaw, Michigan where, in an April multi-jurisdictional raid involving the DEA and Saginaw County Sheriff’s office, John was raided but never charged. In the raid, sheriff’s deputies confiscated all of Roberts’ plants, grow equipment, medicine and property as well as his patients’ plants and medicine. At a subsequent rally organized in protest, his fiance was arrested on a past civil infraction and, a few days after, a second raid occurred led by the DEA, where additional personal property, grow equipment and medicine were confiscated. All property seized remains in the custody of the Saginaw Sheriff’s Department and the DEA with no explanation.


What is most egregious about both raids is that among the medicine confiscated was specially-processed Simpson oil, taken orally when mixed with peanut butter, that John was assisting in providing to the family of a seriously sick 6-year old girl. Both parents of the girl are registered caregivers for their medical marihuana patient daughter, but lack the knowledge to grow marihuana or create the oil. Since she started using peanut butter-Simpson oil mixture four months ago, her parents claim she is able to sleep through the night. Also, she is free from debilitating migraine headaches and her appetite and energy levels have improved. The use of prescription medications have not provided any such relief to the girl.


How have we arrived at this point?


Don’t tell me this is what the law intended. Don’t tell me lawmakers meant to see sick individuals – certified by the state as patients and/or caregivers – raided, harassed and left without their medication. Don’t tell me that parents of a sick, hospitalized little girl should be unable to provide their daughter with comfort and relief. Rather, the law was designed to do the polar opposite.


The “smash and grab” without explanation or arrests/charges evokes more thoughts of home invasion rather than strategic law enforcement procedures. These raids serve no purpose and have to end.


It is time for law enforcement to look at marihuana differently. It is time for law enforcement to realize that marihuana is medicine - this is a medical issue and not a law enforcement issue. Agencies need a better understanding of the medical marihuana community, Michigan’s medical marihuana law, and how both operate.


And, while you cannot possibly enumerate every possible situation and scenario, the legal system must recognize and appreciate that, where medical marijuana is concerned, it is not always going to be about putting round pegs into round holes. It’s not always going to be cut and dry; especially not early on.


Let’s see this law for what it is and exercise compassion. Let’s proceed with caution. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act includes a presumption that patients and caregivers are in compliance of the law. So let’s work together to make sure the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act does as it was intended when it was voted by the majority into law.


We’re holding another rally in support of John and his family this Wednesday, July 21 at 11 a.m. at the Saginaw County courthouse, 111 S. Michigan Avenue, to protest these arrests and illegal seizures. Our strength is in our numbers in showing we will not accept these clear violations of Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act.

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what I still cannot understand though Michael is how they DEA can do this when the president said "NO"!!,his he not the commander and chief?

Did he say "NO" to the public,and then in a back room deal say "get em boys". I had emailed our Gov and asked her to look into this and stop this,never heard back from her or the attorney general,or many of the other elected officals I emailed,where the hell do we live? I dont even know anymore!!! See you all in Saginaw

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Thanks Michael,


With the dispensary just opening Monday, I have arranged time to be there at the protest. My husband has taken a personal day today so I can come up and protest.

I belive in the cause and even tho I really am straped for time I will be there, I am looking forward to meeting everyone <_<


Peace as always,

Mary J

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hey i got an idea lets all do a citizens arrest on all that were involved in this OBVIOUS HOME INVASION http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(axuzt3edue5cqpas0otfky2b))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=mcl-750-110a&query=on&highlight=home%20AND%20invasion



Act 196 of 1973



15.345 Board of ethics; powers and duties.


Sec. 5.


(1) The board shall:


(a) Receive complaints concerning alleged unethical conduct by a public officer or employee from any person or entity, inquire into the circumstances surrounding the alleged unethical conduct, and make recommendations concerning individual cases to the appointing authority with supervisory responsibility for the person whose activities have been investigated. All departments of state government shall cooperate with the board of ethics in the conduct of its investigations.


(b) Initiate investigations of practices that could affect ethical conduct of a public officer or employee.


© Hold public hearings.


(d) Administer oaths and receive sworn testimony.


(e) Issue and publish advisory opinions upon request from a public officer or employee or their appointing or supervisory authority relating to matters affecting ethical conduct of a public officer or employee.


(2) In the issuance of investigative reports and recommendations and advisory opinions, the board shall be advised as to legal matters by the attorney general.


(3) When a recommendation to an appointing authority is made by the board which affects a classified employee, the appointing authority shall initiate appropriate proceedings in accordance with such recommendation and pursuant to the rules of the civil service commission.


(4) When a recommendation to an appointing authority is made by the board concerning an unclassified employee or appointee, the appointing authority shall take appropriate disciplinary action which may include dismissal.








Act 196 of 1973


AN ACT to prescribe standards of conduct for public officers and employees; to create a state board of ethics and prescribe its powers and duties; and to prescribe remedies and penalties.






15.342c Civil action; commencement of action; “damages” defined.


Sec. 2c.


(1) A person who alleges a violation of section 2b may bring a civil action for appropriate injunctive relief, or actual damages, or both within 90 days after the occurrence of the alleged violation of this act.


(2) An action commenced pursuant to subsection (1) may be brought in the circuit court for the county where the alleged violation occurred, the county where the complainant resides, or the county where the person against whom the civil complaint is filed resides.


(3) As used in subsection (1), “damages” means damages for injury or loss caused by each violation of section 2b, including reasonable attorney fees.

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