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1 On 4 Off Timer

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I am building one of the stinkbuddies systems. I have a rainforest system but it is a old system and no longer state of the art. Anyway my stinkbuddies is built except for the elusive 1 on 4 off timer. After searching the Stinkbuddies forum I saw a lot of problems with the CAP timers. What I did not see was a lot of recommendations for alternatives. Anyone have a timer they have been happy with?

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Thanks westmich. I have read a lot of bad things about the CAP timers on stinkbuddies.com. I think it may be due to people overloading them but I am a little afraid of their durability. I see someone posted a how to make one but I'm not really interested in breadboarding electronics. I used to do a lot of that in the past but learned early on that I usually spent more money than if I just purchased it all ready made.

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Timers always go bad. I highly recommend running a relay with your timer. This will insure your timer is drawing a very min. amount and should greatly help in preventing it from going bad. And.... its less than $2 bucks.




Great recommendation. Do you have any additional data on wiring and making a safe enclosure?

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