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any thoughts on how a patient could find out what the local persecutor's policy is re: legal patients without outing one's self??

Whether or not a local anything decides to ban MM, it is legal in the eyes of the state so long as you are...WOULDN'T WORRY!! iF THEY COME AT YOU SUE THE SNOT OUT OF THEM FOR EVERY PENNY AND WIND UP OWNING THE AREA YOU LIVE IN LOL....As far as finding out what they think make a one time e-mail account asking the question or a cell call or a pay phone asking what you need to know would be safe and OK..Or even better have a non pt cg call and ask and tell them what could happen see what happens ad if they raid them or some crap have them sue the crap put of them buttholes..lol either way you look at it the state you live in says it is legal and I JUST WOULDN"T WORRY>>SORRY STICKY SHIFT KEY just popped it off for good lol

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