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Passing A Drug Test

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I am currently unemployed, and a smoker. In my chosen profession, it is nearly impossible to get a decent job without passing a drug test. Obviously, I would like to continue smoking, but don't know a good way to pass a test. I would rather not use something like the wizzinator or synthetic urine, is there a good product that can help me?

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Recently posted by a member here who used this to pass their test...


The product is called Eliminator Carbo Detox Drink. I have been told that this product can be found at some health food stores, but I ordered from this web site. They shipped it UPS overnight in a brown box with no identifying labels. Shipping was $12.95.


I thought my test would be on Monday and it says to not use anything for 48 hours so I didn't medicate Saturday or Sunday (except the narcotics) the worst weekend I've had in a long time. I couldn't go on Monday so Tuesday I followed the directions on the bottle. Two hours before the test I drank the stuff then I chewed up two Norcos and a Valium so they would show up on the tset. I didn't use the first or last part of my urine stream. Then I waited until today without any THC in case I failed and had to wait 30 days to flush all the cannabis from my system.


So my doctor read the test results and wrote my scripts, I almost chuckled and probably would have if I wasn't in such discomfort. I stopped at the pharmacy then rushed home and had a little treat. Feeling fine now. Here's the URL and the ad:




Eliminator Detox Drinks to Pass Urine Drug Tests

Our store manufactures very high quality Detox Drinks. Our detox drinks are excellent products for passing a urine drug test.


How does it work? Urine drug tests detect drug usage by testing urine samples for metabolites that are released in urine when fat cells are metabolized. Eliminator Detox Carbo Drinks stop the flow of metabolites into the urinary tract in one hour. Allowing you to pass a drug test for up to 5 hours.


Works on all toxins! Eliminator Carbo Detox Drink works on all drug residue, are completely undetectable and have a 99.9% success rate for passing laboratory urine sample drug tests for marijuana. You can trust our Eliminator Detox Drinks to help you pass drug tests that check for marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, and even nicotine!


How to use this product:

- Avoid toxins 48 hours before testing;

- On the day of the deadline:

Eat and drink normal quantities, avoid foods high in sugar (especially fruits), fats and physical exertion.


When ready to take the test, shake bottle well and drink the entire content.


Wait for 15 minutes and drink 16 oz. of water.


Urinate 3 - 4 times after consuming the Carbo-Drink.


Wait for 45 minutes before taking the test.


DO NOT drink any alcohol 48 hours prior to doing this product


Always use our test kits to check before you take your real test.

The Eliminator Detox actually carries a 99.9% success rate for Marijuana (THC) and 97.5% for Chemicals (i.e.. prescription meds) using urine drug tests, though it is 100% Guaranteed. The feature that most people like is the speed with which this product works, about 1 hour.


The Eliminator Detox will make passing a drug tests easy..

The Eliminator Detox Drink as all our toxin removal products, is backed by a full 100% money back Guarantee. Less than 1 in 1000 have failed to pass a urine drug test using this product. The Eliminator is 16 ounces of ready to drink detox, fortified with vitamins, minerals and creatine, that comes in three delicious flavors, Orange, Tropical Punch and Black Cherry. The Eliminator blocks all unwanted toxins from entering the urine system for a period of 4 to 5 hours and does not discriminate against the toxins it shields from the system.


$24.95 per 16 oz. bottle for the Eliminator Detox Drink


If you’re not sure what you need, then just give us a call and we will confidentially help you select the best product according to your needs. We provide complete confidentiality, do not sell your information to anyone, and ship in a gray box.


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ACS Herbal Tea Co.

PO BOX 497

Monroe, Ohio 45050

In business continuously since 1993 Toll Free 1-800-422-2851

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Wonder how it blocks the thc and not the chewed norco's?

What works for showing opiates and not thc in a drug screen test?

Pain management requires regular drug screen tests, and you need to

have the urine test show what meds (opiates) they prescribe you and no

other illegal drugs in your system (THC) before they will refill your scripts.

Still trying to figure that one out or working around it!

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some niacin/B-complex and alot of water has worked for me with a 2 day notice. Be careful w/niacin though, too much can cause a severe whole body burning sensation with bright red skin and sweating. Seriously!


A lot of water the day before and day of (w/o meds those days) usually makes a test come back inconclusive and give you some time to clean up better before you have to retake.


I am not a doctor, try at your own risk.

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