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Independent Voters Vote Tomorrow!

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I cannot believe that I did not know that independent voters (the fastest growing group) can vote in Michigan primaries!!! and since 1954 according to guy at election office. learn something new everyday and keep the doctor at bay!

It is the norm or was anyway in most states that one had to register as a democrap or republitard in order to vote. Now we can gum up their handy little machine that foists fools like engler or granholm on us VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE


they hates it when we vote



have to vote straight party ticket is only catch. Judicial candidates are non partisan and they are the most important vacancies by far!!!!

I m doing a quick review of candidates for my vote tomorrow


Here is the official ballot



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Yes, anyone can vote for either party, but you either cast a ballot in the Republican group or in the Democrat group, not both.


IMHO, either democrat is more friendly to MMJ than any of the Republicans so I will be voting for the most MMJ friendly Republican - Rick Synder.


Yep that do seem to be the consensus. I am afraid of what else he will do but am reading his stuff.

me voting for a republitard....it just got real quiet here

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Here is a location you can go to and find out what your ballot will look like tomorrow.


For a lot of these people there are phone numbers that can be called.


I've been having fun calling each one of these in my area just to ask:


Do you stand with or against the people of this state about medical marijuana.


One very pleasant surprise was the Rep. candidate that was for both mmj and full legalization. Gary Wellings for Senate.


Running unopposed for the Rep. slot for the 52 district, Mark Ouimet supports the law AS IT IS WRITTEN.


These are for the Rep. slots.


I intend to vote on the Rep. side of things to help make sure that


Mike Cox can't even get elected for a dog catcher!


Then in November I'll probably change my mind and vote for every libertarian I can check off.

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