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Symbiotic Gardening

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I have heard people say that some vegetables and/or herbs are very good to grow along with your cannabis. Not necessarily in the same pots, but in the same room. Has anyone ever done this and found that there are vegetables or fruits or herbs whose very presence (and gaseous output, presumably) benefit the growth of cannabis?

Has anyone known of particular things NOT to grow in the same room as cannabis? are there things that have been shown to be bad to grow alongside the cannabis?


Thanks in advance for all of your great advice!

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Guest finallyfree09

mushrooms are a good thing to grow with your plants. it would be best to have another small room off to the side so you can swap the air to and fro. mushrooms consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide while plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. win win ya know?


i know that agaricus mushrooms (common type found at the grocery store) can be grown inside. the area has to be clean so there won't be a huge problem with mold. i am just not sure how to do all the venting or even how to grow the mushrooms at all for that matter. just a thought.

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