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hello everyone i have wrote a letter to my judge asking for permission to medicate while on probation and now its been two months since the response and i was wondering if there was anything else i should do or if i should just go ahead and medicate


What was their response? If they did not respond, I don't think I'd do that. Good luck to you brother...

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i don't think you would get that permission from the judge. I think your PO should have the authorization to grant you the permission for that. But, i am NOT a lawyer. Consult your PO first. They are more likely to get back to you than a judge.



Pretty sure he is dead on first step would be PO then not sure who they would need to consult with. Is the reason you are on Probation drug related? If it is i can already tell you they will most likely deny you, i would be worried if it is alcohol related too.

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