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Medical Marijuana Patient Jailed In Texas


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Interesting video, was worth watching.


The sad part is that Texas had one of the first and harshest anti marijuana laws in the country. They used it as a tool to try and control imigrants from across the border and was designed to have a reason to chase or send Mexicans back to Mexico, thinking that during the depression those jobs could or would be filled by Americans. Penalties also included life in prison and at one point death, for simple possession. Some scary racist garbage those laws were (are?). Not sure on what changes have been made to the Texas marijuana laws, if any.

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Here is some more information on this case.

We are victims of an industry that has bought its way in to the legal system such that we can be forced to take medication which we do not want. Tyranny via one's health was a concern at the Constitutional Convention and boy were they correct.









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