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Electrical Upgrade


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I have little to zero knowledge about electrical. My house was built in 1955 and the electrical panel is outdated. I am in the process of getting my patient and caregiver card, but will need to upgrade my electrical panel in my house before I am able to do anything.


I do not know how big my grow room is going to be just yet.


But, was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some info on what I should be looking to do and how much it may cost.


Thanks in advance!

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I am getting my electric done this weekend I didn't realize how much multiple ballasts draw. I am having a 240 line ran to my room to run my 1000 watt ballasts which is the main reason for my upgrade. Well good luck with building your room it is one of my favorite parts of getting started, but make sure you think everything ALL the way through to the last detail.

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The plan is to become a caregiver along with being a patient.


Another question. Would this panel upgrade be replacing the existing panel that is down in my basement? Or would it just be an additional panel that will be used for the grow room?


The panel upgrade would be replacing the existing panel.


As far as a panel for the grow room, I am a big fan of a sub-panel in or near your grow. Most people don't have every single detail worked out in their grow room, which is understandable. There are many options on how to grow, and with the electrical demand required for these rooms its very nice to have power close by.

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