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We Need To Frame This As A Civil Rights Issue.

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How about the government giving Cannabis away to Federal Cannabis Patients in the form of Cannabis Joints, then turning around, saying it has "no accepted medical value" especially in smoked form, and arresting everyone, patient or not.


As the above has been going on, and will continue to go on, yes, I could really see them doing such stupid crap, as they have always done stupid crap over and over and over and over...ect

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My case was just amended at my recent court appearance to add the charge of possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school-zone, once again enhancing the charge. Isn't it my right? My patients rights? Wasn't the purpose of the school-zone act written more with idea of keeping dime-bag peddlers off the fence? Crack-houses out of the areas in which our kids go to school?

Child Protective Services was completely satisfied with 7 children living in the house, as they were not exposed, nor had any knowledge of anything going on regarding MMj.

Jennifer and I are tired. We have been trampled on and we want back what's ours. My patients, bless them, are behind me. All of their doctors will be subpoenaed and it will cost everyone thousands and thousands of dollars. Be mad at them folks...

All they had to do was ask...now they are going to get sued. Who's leading the Civil Lawsuits?

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