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Anti Marijuana Bill


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so hypocritical! I loved how he threw in the picture of all of the colored pills and capsules. Those look a lot more like candy than anything MMJ related that i've ever seen. But the Speaker also hit the nail on the head when he made the point that MMJ is 100% safe. If a kid ever did scarf into mom or dad's brownies, they would likely fall asleep before they could even eat enough to throw up from too much chocolate!

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LEGALIZE IT and put the same 'advertising' limits on 'it' as is done with alcohol.


Now WHERE did I put that sweet vodka infused drink that looks like a bottle of soda pop?


Oh yeah! They're in the cooler. AAAHHHH. How refreshing!


NO! MY child. You CANNOT have one. They are for adults and politicians only.

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