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What To Do With The Basement Floor?


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paint it white if you want, we use a white sealer so the cement is sealed and clean and the white reflects the light up more then the dull grey did, or you could even put something reflective under the plants, I mess with that in my flowering room and I have seen better bud production on the lower branches then most would exspect. I put it all to the polyflex on the floor reflecting the light back up

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as a grower and a builder-


a floor drain would be crucial. VCT(vinyl composite tile) are the colored tiles they have in the grocery and the vfw. you glue them down with water proof glue, the tiles and the glue are cheap(home depot). you will need a flooring roller, but you can rent them at the depot or any rental place. put sealer(wax) down and you will have a bullet proof floor that will last 50 years.


and they come in all colors, so the wife gets to have her way too :)!

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