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Food Grade Containers, Rtv Sealant?


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Hi all,


I have a question concerning containers.. My hydro guy says only the Rubbermaid Roughneck BINS are considered food grade and can be used for a rez.. Were as the trash cans for instance (same LDPE AFA I can tell) are not..


Does anyone have any thoughts on this.. I mean milk containers are LDPE?


Also RTV silicone sealants..


I've been told that automotive RTV should not be used because it is not food grade (like the expensive stuff at fish stores) and can acidify or something?


I've seen nothing out of the ordinary besides growth on the sealant.. ?





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Well, as for the containers to be used for a rez, as long as the container is cleaned properly, it doesn't matter what the container is made of. I wouldn't recommend using steel, tin or other metal containers. Plastic works the best. Its easy to clean. It doesn't corrode over time and is very durable. The container doesn't have to have a "food rating". Large plastic trash cans or old 55 gallon drums work great as a rez. As for RTV silicone, I cant say. If you plan on using it to seal fittings, then i cant see why it would matter if it is food rated as well. If your concern is keeping a clean and healthy environment, just be sure you don't use chemicals around plants and make sure the silicone has had ample time to dry properly. PEACE

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