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Hey, guys, great idea- any newsgroup I've been a member of usually has a reference list like this for the newer people on the site.

It makes the newcomers feel much more at home more quickly. I don't consider myself dumb by any means, but I gotta tell you, "bunny muffin" took me a while to figure out, the rest of them not as much.

Maybe because of all the different contexts it's been used in, but that one threw me for a while! :-)


This may be the time to thank all the mods and regular posters here to thank you all for a fun, informative and interesting site to hang out in. Though I am a one of your lurkers, rather than posters,

I know I am one of many who find themselves here every day, soaking up all that it has to offer. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the great efforts of everyone. We are indebted to you, for so much.


Positive reps abound for you all! :thumbsu:

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rotglmfao rolling on the ground laughing my phaquing arse off


+ and - reps are gone at least they are supposed to be, lol


I liked it when you could see who was veiwing the thread you were on. at the bottom of page, used to tell you if they were posting or reading. what happened to that?



FTW= Free The Weed


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CMA- Cover My *ss... when you add a disclaimer. Like, CMA: I'm not a layer, but..

I use this one a lot pretty much everywhere but here. Folks here seem to think twice before hopping on ya for what you say here. I suppose here it could apply more to "How do I CMA from LEO?"


PFM- Pure effing Magic


HSB- Holy Sheepsh*t Batman... This is one used by a buddy on another forum, always makes me laugh.


GTFO- Get the eff out.. used among some hunters I know.

RFTH- Run for the hills.. used interchangeably with GTFO.


RC or FC- Research Check or Fact Check. Like you are requesting information, or telling someone they need to go look stuff up.


OP- Original Post.

OPr- Original Poster. Less commonly used


And bunny muffin... had to go into the chatroom here to find out what that was. Funny stuff, wish more forums had that for it's cuss sensor.

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