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Ann Arbor Compassion Meetings?

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I'm in the Ann Arbor area and have been a patient since May. It's time for me to get out to some local meetings and meet some people (I don't have a caregiver and need a reliable one). I have a feeling it will be much easier to find a cg there rather than post on here. Saying that, when/where are the local compassion meetings? Thanks for the input

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The BACC in Brighton (20 minutes away) will hold a meeting this weekend, at best the Ann Arbor CC has a meeting every few months. If you need more info, come to the front page of our site (see my signature) and check out the Event section, or you can find the info in the calendar on this site, right here. We have a CPA coming on Sunday to fill us in on how caregivers should be filing income taxes and how to write off some of your overall growing expenses with the IRS. We will also have some general info on what is going on around the state...Peace...j..b.

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The Ann Arbor group A2M2PC holds monthly meetings. you just missed the last one last Tuesday. However, there is another meeting scheduled for thurs. aug.19th .

the name of the group is cannabiscancersupportcollective. This will be our first meeting. you don't have to have cancer to meet a caregiver, there are many great caregivers that come to our meetings... Info about the meetings can be found at the following site..A2M2PC.org looking forward to meeting you..

thanks K. member of A2M2PC

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