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Make a variation of this, instead use cooking oil to extract the goodies instead of the butter and make brownies. Use an instant brownie mix, just add the oil eggs and milk. You do have to strain out the leaf and make sure you don't burn the oil / bud. Very potent! A crumb can get you quite messed up if you do not sit around and smoke dank all day. A whole dose is insanity.


Black Out Bud Butter by Scott's_a_buzzin'



Improvement number one comes from using European sweet butter. Regular butter is about 80% butterfat while European butters range from 84-86%. This may seem trivial but remember it is the butterfat that exacts the cannabinoids so a 7-8 % increase in butterfat will result in a more efficient extraction and stronger butter. European style butter comes from a number of manufacturers including Plugra from upstate New York, Strauss Organic, and recently Challenge European Style. Yes, the best still comes from France but it is exorbitantly priced.


Improvement number two comes from using a coffee grinder to convert all cannabis plant material from whatever source to a fine powder. The use of powder means the butter will taste more like cannabis as some of the chlorophyll and a few terpenes get into the butter. It also means a vastly increased surface area where the butterfat meets the cannabinoids. Using powder or “flour” significantly increases the potency of the final butter.


Improvement number three comes from using the best starting materials available. In this case Train Wreck, California Orange, and Pooh Bear trim were ground up and supplemented by powdered California Orange flowers. Using bud as opposed to trim will increase the potency of the butter.


The three improvements noted above resulted in cannabutter that is markedly different from the normal (and quite wonderful) Bud Butter. Black Out Bud Butter (BOBB) is approximately 2oo-300% stronger. The name BOBB comes from the fact that this butter is midnight green and will cause blackouts if too much is consumed.




2 ½ pounds (six cups) of European Style high butterfat unsalted butter. I combined 8 oz of Plugra with 1 pound of Strauss Organic and 1 pound of Challenge European Style. Everyone has there own favorites but mine is Strauss. Strauss is smoother and less greasy than the others.


4 oz powdered Train Wreck Trim (or what have you)

2 oz powdered Pooh Bear Trim (a cross of Train Wreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud) (or what have you)

2 oz powdered California Orange trim (or what have you)

1/3 oz powdered California Orange flowers (again, or what have you)




The butters were melted in a covered crock pot set on medium. The powdered cannabis was gradually stirred in with a wood spoon. The mixture was frequently stirred and cooked covered on medium for one hour followed by three hours set on low. Stirring was accomplished every 15 minutes.


After four hours the hot mixture was squeezed through cheese cloth into a bowl then the product was filtered once more through cheese cloth. All available butter was squeezed out producing approximately 3 ½ cups. Theoretically, the cloth balls remaining could be re-extracted with more butter but the product would not be nearly as strong. Approximately 75-85% of the available cannabinoids are extracted on the first pass.


Note on Preparation:


No gloves were used in squeezing the rather hot cloth balls into the collection vessel. If you go barehanded beware of burns. Usually the ball can be twisted and held at the top then you can press the ball with the wood spoon against the side of the collection vessel. Once the ball has cooled sufficiently you can “wring” out the last of the cannabutter. Yes, this is messy but will leave your hands oh so soft.


Note on Amount of powdered cannabis to use: I use as much as will go into solution with the butter. This varies depending upon the cannabis and source.


Note on Potency:


I know this cannabutter is potent simply from the extreme effects produced from handling it. I look forward to using this super potent butter for the next batch of Pecan Sandies.

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Wow, it sounds like you've had some pretty terrible medibles. The first couple of times i tried them from a few different places i had pretty much the same reaction. It took me a while to find some

Have you tried making them yourself? I recently picked up some fifths of everclear and made up some cannabis oil. You will only get out what you put in. I would think from a business standpoint tha

Every dispensory that I've visited and thats's quite a few lately (ThankYou Michigan Voters) The Medibles are gross and don't do much, but give a headache in return. Is there a person out there who can actually make a good flavored and powerful munchie?

Every darn time the meds taste like mold and the "feeling" last a VERY short time followed by a 3 hour headache.

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ive recently made several batches of cannabutter and every one of my patients including myself have gotten different results but all feeling relief in some form most important to me personally is that they have given my uncle who is going through chemo an appetite. All the medibles i have made have been beneficial.

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Dennis, from whom I buy the only medibles I will eat Does Not Use trim, only bud



yea if any of my friends are around when i make medibles or oil or hash they freak and want what i use to take home and smoke, lol, but you get what you put into it, put in the least potent of the plant you get less, put in nice buds and you be wishing it would stop, every time i eat my brownies, im done for the day, and never fails i wait a while for them to hit, and before they hit I eat another and always regret it, I wind up locked in my room all messed up alll day long! but I dont feel no pain lol!





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It seems like I had some good brownies in 1976. Since then, nothing good as far as medibles. I probably just haven't had good luck with what I have tried. Granted, I could make my own. But I just have not liked what I have tried. Sorry. Glad many of you have good results with yours, though!! It all sounds good...

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I end up with a lot of butter when I grow, and its always really strong. One of the best ways to consume medi-butter is to eat it straight. I can throw back a marble sized hunk of butter and swallow it like a horse pill with water. The effects are stronger and faster if you have an empty stomach. You don't need food with your butter.


As a caregiver and patient I find it really easy to have lots of butter.


I take all the trim and healthy leaves and make bubble hash with them. Then I reuse the bubble hash water and used trim and put them together in a large tamale pot with a few pounds of butter. I cook for 8-12 hours, then strain the mixture. I put in the fridge (or outside now that its cold) and the butter seperates to the top.

Its really easy to make strong butter and I also get about a gram of bubble hash per plant and months worth of butter and all I use is waste products of growing.

I trim my plants immediatly after cutting them down, and I freeze the leaves. If you use dry leaf your hash and butter will taste way crappier than if you freeze them ASAP.


I don't think I would buy medibles, but I sure like making them. Also, it really isn't worth paying for good buds and then making food with them. Find someone who thinks leaves are garbage, and make killer food with them.

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For some reason it seems that 'medibles' do not work well for everyone. Personally I prefer them, the wife just doesn't get medicated from them (according to her). Every body is different, so reactions differ.


As for the whole 'medibles' adding weight to your count. I don't care how good we get at making 'medibles', not one of us is a magician. We can not turn the products (flour, sugar, etc...) into cannabis. If I make a batch of cookies, there is still only a few milligrams of weighable cannabis in the product. Simply adding cannabis to food stuff does not turn the foodstuff into cannabis. I think if we label properly, that this is sufficient to show our intent to stay within the law. I recently saw products coming out of California, listing the ingredients...in the order of predominance and cannabis was listed last, with a weight of .09 gms. This seems to me to be more than adequate for our purposes...


If anyone else has been noticing, there were additional charges laid against the folks down in Ferndale, those of manufacturing something that they are calling illicit, the oils needed for cooking. Our law does allow us to make anything (concentrates) we want with our cannabis. We need to get this under control immediately, or they are going to turn all of us back into criminals...and personally, I am tired of being considered a criminal...42 years I have fought this stupidity, 42 years of being considered a criminal...and I am tired of it. If "they" aren't careful, I may get pissed off...lol


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I got some good cookies everybody likes them one guy had 3 said I don't feel bunny muffin and passed out 20min later in his jeep and a few said they had one got really high and started eating everything in there house pm me if u want any

Cookies are so borring. This is what I have for medibles.



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medicated cheesecake ......... i am drooling here :devil:


Cannabis Cheesecake ...


Dribble, drool ...


Now, THAT sure could get to be an "addiction"!


I just KNOW I won't be able to get that "application method" out of my head, until I try some.


Thanks, for the new ideas for a mouth-watering medible recipe!





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I've tried loads of edibles. The best ones were made in California by a company called the Venice Cookie Company. A budtender told me they were made with hash. Apparently this hash is from sativa varieties that are grown outdoors, on a commercial scale, somewhere in California. These particular medibles, although very small(two bite max), were still very potent. The 'cookie brownie', as it was called, tasted like hash, butter, and cocoa; but mostly hash. They were about $8, and they left me sitting on the floor, unable to move, for hours.


I would suggest using hash, or hash oil, as the main active ingredient in any medible. I assume it is possible to just eat hash straight, although I have never had an amount great enough to where I was inclined to do so.

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I understand why the originator of this post hated medibles..

At the Dispensary near us it seems everyone just dumps trim into a batch of brownies/cookies and call em medibles...

no quality there!


Today I made Peanutbutter Buckeyes and Double Fudge Brownies...

the Buckeyes are made with 3 kinds of peanut butter and I use 2x sifted keif in them...

The Brownies are a very fudgey home-made brownie with chocolate chips added, made with very High-quality Canna Butter.


In both- the cannabis is barely detectable, and doesn't alter the texture at all... and keep ya 'zoned" for about 8 hours.


THOSE are what Medibles are meant to be!

NOT crappy grainy-textured snackfood with pot dumped in!!

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As for the post about weight of medibles:


The law is clear - "Any preparation or mixture thereof" and "only 2.5oz of usable allowed"


"(j) "Usable marihuana" means the dried leaves and flowers of the marihuana plant, and any mixture or preparation thereof, but does not include the seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant.


So, if the law says you are allowed 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana, and a 'mixture or preparation' is 1 pound (the average weight of a tray of brownies) - you are over your 2.5ounces of usable.


just saying. Consult Matt Abel or Kormon on this, again.



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