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I had secured one of two mmj booths that were allowed at A B & E. My original intention was to promote 3rd Coast and it's relative functions and offer space to Puff Danny's galas boutique as well.


I wanted to include other groups due to the lack of representation allowed at the event. As the raids and law enforcement misfires ensued, I began opening up the focus of our booth to be more political and educational and less promotion of my own business.


At the time of set-up on the first day of the booth, the powers that be were too scared to allow Puff Danny to display his glass and and other products. At that time, the booth became completely political.


I really want to thank Derek Gauci, our videographwr and editor for 3rdCoastTV, Darrell Stavros, my partner, Dennis, our medibles chef from the Magic Oven, Charmie Gholson from the Midwest Cultivator, Doug Orton and Dondi Meitz from the Brifhton group, Rick Thompson from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine and Big Daddy's, Jim and Deb Amsdill from the Bluewater Compassion Club, Brian Pelke, Jason and Corey from 3 Doors Down, Purple Haze Compassion, and Happy Harvesters, Jetemy R. and the Genessee club, Michael Komorn, Greentrees, Chad and Tony from the Birmingham Club, and Peanutbutter, of course, for offering materials and/or time to help let the general public know what is really going on. There ate others who should really be thanked as well, and I am sorry for leaving any one or group out. No matter if there was not any specific literature on the table, our whole community was represented peacefully and professionally.


I wanted to be in the heart of activity in Oakland County to offer information ranging from the very basic questions of registering and qualifying, through some of the more detailed implications of the actions of law enforcement etc.


I also want to help support and revive the Silverdome event in October- also located in Oakland County. They have a good core of speakers and acts but it has been compromised due to fear and the unstable responses from the sherrif's department.


I volunteered my help there for the weekend and to help pull together other aspects of the event beforehand. I will try to arrange for non- profits and political groups to have a space for free. I will help and/or pay for such groups to participate if it can't be arranged for free. I do believe that the organizers would welcome this, however.


Please contact me if any individual or group is interested in taking advantage of this venue.

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The event organization, in some aspects, was noticeably weak. However, people, right in the middle of where recent anti-mmj incidents have taken place, were able to get the correct information about what we do and what goes on in this community.


It probably doesn't mean much in the big scheme of things, but no one person had any issues with people using cannabis and no single person, we spoke with, was in supports of Bouchard's para-military tactics.


Let's go get 'em again in Oakland County, over the Halloween weekend!

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Thank you Jamieuke...I went and visited the booth yesterday, wow, this is a huge event...I have never attended the Arts, Eats and Beats event in the past and was amazed to find somewhere around 25,000 folks packing the streets and vendors. Some really nice artwork was on display, the music was outstanding and there were dozens and dozens of different styled cuisines available. I cannot imagine putting an event of this scope together...Peace...j.b.

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