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Armed Agents Terrorize Patients

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More sad, revolting news from the "Land of The FEE; HOME of The SLAVE".


Is it just me, or is it really true that armed government agents only WANT us to HATE?!


Here's a Blood-chilling excerpt from an enlightening article by Anne Stanton, Northern Express.


(Thanks, AS, BH & NE!)




In light of the August raids of medical marijuana clinics in Oakland County and suspected local police surveillance, the Traverse City Compassion Club is putting its weekly private meetings at the Crema coffee shop on hold.


Because of the extreme position of the Oakland County prosecutor, there’s definitely a climate of fear here in Traverse City,” said Bob Heflin, a member and former president of the Compassion Club.


At the club’s last Monday meeting on August 30, one of the compassion club members observed that six plain clothes police officers—dressed in short pants and polo shorts with visible side arms—were sitting in a van with electronic surveillance equipment.




Of course, to crooked, weaponed, biased, bigotted power-lustful "enforcement agents" ...


There is NO PROFIT at all to be made from harmless people who only want to SHARE The LOVE.




If this crap doesn't get you to see the hateful side of LEO - what will?!


End The HATE!





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What we need to do is figure out how much these rogue regimes (that is what they are as they are not legit, they do not follow laws or the US Constitution) spend on these jack-booted thug tactics against peaceful humans, maybe the individual communities would be outraged by the money spent on this type of illegal activity that they are paying for.:(

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