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Happy Birthday 3Ma's Very Own Mr. Joe Cain -Aka Blueberry

Guest Medicinal Patient

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Happy Birthday Blueberry!!

I can't say Thank You enough for all you do in this community. You are my hero Man! I love the direction the 3MA is going and I believe you have played a huge role in where the 3MA is today. I greatly admire your activism, leadership, compassion, spirit, strength, courage, integrity, loyalty, and the endless love you have shown to everyone. You are who alot of us look to when there is such discouraging events taking place. You are the voice of reason with a calming positive outlook to every bad situation. You bring hope like no other when many just want to give up and throw in the towel. You are a warrior and true legend in the making. I applaud you and the missus for your tireless work you put in to bettering the lives of the sick, and the relentless fight against those that abuse us. You bring hope to the hopeless, and help to the helpless. You are an Angel to sooo many. God Bless You and Yours Joe. Karma will be rewarding you very soon if I have anything to say about it. Have a great day and I wish you many many more. Thank you for being you and fighting for all of our rights. God Bless

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