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R.o. Water Filter Help


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Guest finallyfree09

this hooks up to your faucet or garden hose easily. And I highly recommend. Here's a link to where i got mine. free shipping.

its the Stealth 100 RO system.



that looks pretty decent.


the supply line water pressure on the filter you bought is 60 psi, correct? mine operates at 40 psi but can go all the way to 100.


supply line water pressure is VERY important for your filter to operate correctly and efficiently

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It is hard to beat these prices.




I bought a 100 gallon a day r/o for $75 on sale. It works great, with near 0 ppm. After nearly a year the filters need replaced and the water coming out is now 30ppm. My water starts at 495 ppm. They produce quality water, but I am sure their are better built systems out there.

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