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Meds In Kzoo

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I am traveling to Kalamazoo tonight for business and would like to pick up some SUPER dank nugs while I am there. I don't need an oz or anything, just a head stash. If you have any info/reviews on the dispensaries in/near KZOO I would appreciate it. Also, if you are a CG that is in the area send me a PM if you are interested in helping me out. Only the dankest need apply. LOLOLOLOLOOL

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kzoo teeters on the edge...no real problems, not tested to be "friendly."


there is one allegid disp near east main and nazareth rd, north of comstock. i hear it's in the same strip mall as little ceasars pizza.

never been to attest.


Battle Creek Compassion Center is on Territorial and 20th. very nice place. lots of variety. mid-high prices. check quality before you get fooled by a flashy name.





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Good advice. I was in kzoo on friday and the place you are talking about exists. When I had got there at 730 (they were supposed to be open till 8) I called and they said they were sold out and closed for the day. Super bummed. Oh well, I was looking forward to buying some edibles.


Next time I am in the area I am definitely going to battle creek. I hear good things about that place.

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Ok, can someone tell me where this is? I'd like to go check it out since it's so near, yet I can't find it. I know, go to the compassion club meeting, I will, just have been yet.


So, can you fill me in on where this is? Please? I want to check out medibles most of all.


Thank you,


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Went to the website, no address. I guess I'm supposed to just guess.


Portage has one? Really? Where?


I feel rather stupif for asking for addresses, when these places are right in my own town. I don't get out much.


Thank you for any help anyone can provide me.

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FYI - I pulled up the website, there were no "buttons" to click on to get more information, perhaps my browser doesn't support the site? I don't know but apparently I did need to be spoon fed, all I get is the home page and hours of operation when I pull it up.

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