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Cypress Hill Marijuana Shops Coming Soon?

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As a huge Cypress Hill fan, I find this story very intriguing. According to B-Real of Cypress Hill, the band is looking into the possibility of opening up a cannabis shop if CA Prop 19 passes in this fall.


“They’ll have to figure out where you’ll be able to purchase [marijuana],” B-Real said. “I don’t think it will be available in normal liquor stores right away. I think it will stay in [medical] dispensaries, but the dispensaries will change to being more like cigar shops…Then you’ll see a Cypress Hill shop. We’re looking towards that now.”


Whether some like it or not, legal cannabis is the new frontier, especially economically. Far-sighted people like Cypress Hill – hooked into the Cali scene as they are – know what is coming. And B-Real very well may be right; marijuana distribution will be critical, and cigar stores – which are also often head shops – seem to have an inside track. Many already have a built-in cannabis user consumer base.


So if Prop 19 passes on November 2nd and after the legal wrangles have settled down, be on the lookout for Cypress Hill smoke shops. Imagine going to “Hits From The Bong” to buy some cannabis while CH music blares on the sound system. That’s the America I see when I close my eyes.


- Joe Klare

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