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Cg Coop Contract


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We have a small group of caregivers that share facilities. We want to have some documentation to keep on site to verfy each members' ownership/control of their plants. We keep copies of each patient forms/cards on site. Does anyone have a sample or at least a list of the important items to include.

We are careful not to exceed the 99 plant limit at any one location but want to cover all bases.

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Go on line and find a standard lease agreement. Rope or mark off each section and designate each plot - A,B,C, etc.


Then lease each plot to each CG for whatever their share of the costs are or what ever is reasonable. Just make it at least $1 per month. The more believable the better. The best is around 1/2 of what your estimated patient compensation will be or what ever amount makes sense when combined with your other costs. Make your credits and debits add up.


You now have a legal contract separating each parcel and a possible defense against each of you being charged collectively for all plants in one location because you can argue that each parcel is legally designated as a separately controlled piece of real estate. It isn't fool proof but it's better than nothing.


And like everything else, this is an issue of last resort. Flying under the radar should always be your front line defense. The real way to win is to not need a defense.


Good luck.

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