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New Facility For The Holland Club Meeting

kurt klaas

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Hello to you’all:


A potentially very promising development has occurred this past week. Our club has been offered a NEW MEETING FACILITY FOR FREE. We will be meeting for our monthly public event this coming


Tuesday, September 21 at 7PM in West Olive


That’s right, West Olive. I know this is going to be a farther drive for many of you than going to the library in Holland. However, the location of the new place holds promise in the future for becoming the home of our club, for possibly becoming a safe place to hold private events of all sorts and even possibly for a cooperative. In short, this has the potential to become the central location of mmj related business activity in Ottawa County. Don’t get too excited, though. There are still legal questions that must be resolved and other matters. Even so, surely you will want to check out this new place. You gotta see this place and its potential. You will really like it. The facility itself is top notch, practically brand new. One of the best features of this facility is its location, out in the country—a very safe place to hold events such as canna-markets, the first of which could perhaps occur in the next 3-4 weeks. This is exactly what we need as a club to move forward.





From Holland, go north on US 31 to West Olive. Go past Port Sheldon St. The first street after Port Sheldon (which has a traffic light) is Blair (which has no traffic light and no visible street sign. The best landmark to look for is a fairly large sign in blue letters that reads “Blueberry Heritage Farms” on the east side of US 31. This sign can also be clearly seen when driving southbound to Holland. If you’re coming from Holland goiong north, do not drive passed this sign. Turn immediately before it. Turn right, heading east. Immediately after turning right, turn right again (south) onto Blair Lane (a paved private road). Go down this road 1000 feet to the row of 5 cottages. Go about ½ way between the first cottage and the last (6654 Blair Lane). Look for the Holland CCC sign on the yellow house.




At this time, there are no chairs in the upstairs meeting room. Bring a lawn chair or whatever.


There will be no medicating at this meeting, although that might change in the future. DO NOT MEDICATE ON THE SITE OR ANY PROPERTY NEARBY!




Questions? Call Kurt at 616-396-4959

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