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Great News For Clare County>


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Well, hopefully this moves in a good direction.

The board agreed on several criteria for dispensaries including limiting a facility to a commercial area; no home occupations; stipulating distances from schools, day cares, churches and limiting access to adults or stipulating that children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to enter the premises; prohibiting a facility from the Downtown Development District; and prohibiting any sales of paraphernalia.


IIRC, this was one of the areas negotiated in the Traverse City ordinance. If a grow has to be so many feet from "schools, day cares, churches" then that could prevent many patients from growing.


edit: The Other Thread on this here made it more clear that those distance considerations are about dispensaries and not patients' or caregivers' grows.


another edit: That's pretty much what I quoted above ... must not have read it carefully ... OK, where's my morning coffee?

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Guest finallyfree09

hey, does anyone know why the clare county site isn't/hasn't been working? i have been trying to log on for a while now but it won't let me.


did it get shut down?

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