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Looking For A Compassion Club In Marquette


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Went on the happy carrot website(not much info, regarding anything??) got there phone number.. called and left a mssg!!

they got back to me right away... sounds like you go there and fill out an application and what not and they pair you with a caregiver??

But now my fellow Medical Marihuana smoker says thats it is a full blown dispensary??? and at the time he called had about 6 strains of meds...

So if anyone finds out the real story about this place... post it plz!!!

dont feel like driving to Sault Ste. Marie to get meds, I rather drive 10 miles to Marquette...

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Called Happy Carrot once again, and I think im going to go there for my medication!!!

Dont really understand how it works though he said I basically sign over my right to grow my own plants

but im down for that... I dont really have the time,money,space,experience,etc... to grow my own!!!

they had some wicked strains like.... Trainwreck, AK47,ect..and very reasonable prices (atleast for me) around $300 an ounce....Had about 8 of em' when i called yesterday...O and plus HAPPY CARROT accepts the paper copies(so you dont hafta have your plastic) how awesome is that...So im gunna call once again and set up an appointment

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