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New From Traverse City


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i actually just went to the one last night! i was on a time schedule so i couldn't stick around for too long but i will be fashure this upcoming monday. it seemed like a lot of nice people and good times, im gonna be sticking around next time for longer:)


Welcome, lot of good folks on this site. Have you been to any meetings in a T.C compassion club ? :thumbsu:

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names kyle, reside in tc, medical marijuana patient, n i feel like darthvader cuz i just smoked some jedi kush:))





i live in tc,

we have two (2) clubs in town.

grandtraverse compassionate connection meets wednesday nights @ 7-8 public meeting.

8-9 is for cardholders only exchanges do happen. (farmersMarket style)

207 W Grandview parkway 231-932-0420

we are open friday nights 6-9 card members only.

stop bye,


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