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Dear Mmmj Health Care Professional


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I urge all members to approach there Dr... Clinic the same as we would a Politician

Why must we approach them on Patients Rites? .... how many Dr's ... Clinics... gonna step up to the cause....


Upcoming Rallys October 2Nd/7Th


Dear Dear MMMJ Health Care Professional,


Your Patients, as well as your future.... your assistance is required....


I personally will not refer any patients to any MMMJ Dr. or Clinic that dose not make an immediate public statement regarding blatant disregard of patient rites...in Oakland County and throughout Michigan....


Timothy "TJ" Rice

Ann Arbor Patient to Patient Compassion Club

202 E. Washington #408

Ann Arbor, MI 48104




I urge all members to approach there Dr... Clinic the same as we would a Politician




From Michigan NORML Talk...


The Physicians made a huge impact in California. I haven't heard the

word boo from the Michigan Medical Society (which should support MMMA)

or the Doctors who are charging more than in L.A. for the

Certification. The Doctors in other States (even those not certifying

patients for MM) view the arrests, abuse, etc of MM users as a

significant public health issue (as it should be viewed), and are very

familiar with the benefits of MM. Albeit there are some in all

regions, who are afraid their precious "Family-Oriented" office's

reputation may be harmed by any association with Cannabis. In

Michigan, the Drug-War Propaganda was successful, even though it was

based on false information. Even the Science based Professions (such

as Physicians) that know better, seem afraid to use the Sciences they

were taught in regards to MM; and have reacted (or not reacted) solely

out of their experience with Propaganda that has hardly a word of

truth to it.



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