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Does Anyone Have White Rhino Or Widow Clones.


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I'm in need of some new strains. I've always ordered seeds. but that is rather time consuming. I would rather donate to someone first. but i usaully give them away. I have afghan kush,white russian. They will be ready in about a month. have a great day bye.


If you can make it out to Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor Health Collective has had white widow clones in numerous times on Saturdays.

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odd to hear this,,didn't WW win about 6 Cannabis Cups?THC is High in this strain right?flowering time doesn't play a roll if your not in a hurry,,,so we're down to yield,and that has more to do with techique...i tryed to grow WW on my every first grow,it didn't go well,but i had some seeds left and are giving them another try..the biggest drawback i've hear about them is that they're hard to trim out..i'll know soon enought..lol....zzb

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Hey lil sister what have you done...hmmm hmmmm...Hey lil sister who's your only one....hmmm hmmm,,I been away for so long,so long..I been away for so long,so long,,I been away for so long..


It's a nice day for a,,White Widow.....oouuu.


It's a nice day for a WHITE WIDOW! OUU


Nice day to

"START AGAIN!!#$@%" C'mon,,it's a nice day for a,,White Widow


oouuuu.......... :lol: :jipo:

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Dont know what you all are growing but ive grown W Ryhno for a year yes the first couple times it wasent up to top shelf standards but once you get it down it is a large bud and hair producer but not a very strong smell but high THC crystal production. ive attained more strains and will deffantly keep the WR going I HAVE FEMINIZED SEEDS 10 SEEDS FOR A $20 DONATION

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