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Articles And Studies On Cannabis

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Here are a number of links regarding Marijuana, it's use throughout history, the additional studies that keep showing that it has benefits, the positive affects on crime in cities that have decriminalized it and more.. I will be spending more time verifying all of these sources, but until I do with a follow-up report, I challenge anyone this: If you can find and provide any solid facts to form a rebuttal on anything you read within these links, please let this thread know right away. Also please feel free to add links if they are from CREDIBLE sources. Thanks-- NH


The Truth About Marijuana

Marijuana Benefits Cancer: Two Studies You Probably Never Read About

Marijuana's true potency and why the law should chan

Case Studies

Case Studies Cont.

Medical Marijuana: Reducing Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

European Drug Policy: Analysis and Case Studies

The War on Marijuana: Transforming the War on Drugs in the 90s: Marijuana in a City Court System: a Case Study

Workshop on the Medical Utilities of Marijuana to the Director, National Institutes of Health, by the Ad Hoc Group of Experts ** Notice how what little studies have been done did show benefits of several conditions on the list.

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Oh and please take a look at this http://www.mml.org/home.html


I did not originally find this, another member in a different thread posted it but I think it is important. Look for Gerry Fisher's Medical Marihuana White Page Report. It is basically a report/proposal to reform the entire law Michigan voters voted for in 2008. Unfortunately he only mentioned one study saying that crime increase in LA by 200% due to marijuana laws. But the fact is that Oakland, CA is #3 on Most Dangerous Cities while Detroit and Flint are #4 AND #5. I guess our system here in Michigan is really working there Gerry. Anyways the rest of it is just him overly dissecting the law and asserting his "professional" opinions into a REAL case study. But it does inform us of the oppositions fear of change.

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This is directly from page 19 of Professor Fisher's Report. My opinion is that he is basically calling for insurance companies, possibly even some type of Michigan only based insurance company to be established that only patients can go through via a certain amount of caregivers mandated by the state. Would this cause every caregiver and patient to turn their cards in and be re-evaluated? That seems like a lot of resources and time spent when as of right now the MDCH supposedly cannot even obtain a couple printers. Please take notice that this is Governor Candidate Rick Snyder's identical view on the situation. Any real report would include countless studies to back up claims especially since this man is a Oakland County based legal adviser. Instead he calls for studies to conducted in the future. But please visit Karen O Keefe's interview video where she states that the DEA was not approving studies on Cannabis. So we are going to expend State Resources to do all this and then have Big Pharma and the others at the top profit off of it? It's either that or wait until Federal Studies come out. But wait, they aren't! But I digress, here is the section..


As a final note on the concept of amendatory legislation, the Redden concurrence

makes reference to the prospect of amending the Michigan Public Health Code to make

marihuana a Schedule 2 or Schedule 3 substance, which would then enable marihuana to

be prescribed “if, in the prescriber’s professional opinion, this drug would effectively

treat the pain, nausea, and other symptoms associated with certain debilitating medical

conditions.25 Establishing a system based on this concept, or other arrangement such as

state licensure for distribution, would presumably require hearings to determine whether

marihuana has “high potential for abuse and has no accepted medical use in treatment in

the United States or lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical

supervision,” and thus must remain classified as a Schedule 1 substance.26 If it is found

that good science justifies it, a revision of the Act could be made to allow and require the

distribution of medical marihuana to occur on prescription or licensure basis.


Please realize how important that chunk of words really is people. Please

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