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Grow Box Fans


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Hey everyone, I just built a small little grow box out of plywood and I glued Mylar onto every surface. My box is 4' long by 3' high by 2' wide. I want to use the ATX power supply fan system.




My question: How should I set my fans up? I have 4 computer fans and my power supply ready to go. I was thinking of using 2 fans at the bottom of one side to pull the air in and 2 fans at the top to push the air out of the box.


With out any air flow my box got up to 95 degrees with just two 2 bulb 48" t-8 florescence's.


Has anyone tried the ATX fan system? I had an old computer laying around so I decided to use what I already had. Its only 170 watts but I think it will be ok. I went to microcenter and bought four $.99 fans and the adapters to make everything to work.(13 dollars for everything)


Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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i have a 12v car fan(the kind you can mount on the dash) at the top of my box and a computer fan at the bottom with a 4 inch hole also at the top and it works like a charm. my box is 4 ft tall 3 ft wide and 34 inches deep. i have a2ft. t5 4 bulb hanging 4 800 watt cfl grow lights on the sides.

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