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Chubutta's 2Nd Medical Grow!


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I'm back!! My last grow didn't go quite as well due to a hermie pollinating my garden, but I learned a lot through trial and error and I am off to a great start on my 2nd grow. I vegged some G13 Blue Venom and some NYC Diesel under a T-5 4 bulb flourescent for a few weeks. I also through a Green House Seeds White widow mother in the flowering tent.


Here is what I am rolling with on this grow.



Flowering tent- Secret Jardine DarkRoom 150 with a 1000w Hortilux in a 6" air cooled hood. Hood is being exhausted by a canfan. I am using Roots Organic Soil and also their line of organic nutrients which includes Buddah Grow , Buddah Bloom, Extreme Serene, Trinity, and Ancient Amber. Most pots are 4 gallons but I also am using a few 5 Gallons. I've been keeping my ph around 6.5 to 7.


Vegging tent- I just picked up a Darkroom 80 for vegging but its kind of small, I think I will end up using this as a mother/cloning tent. The T5 4 bulb fits very nicely and I would like to eventually get one more to put them side by side. I am a caregiver for one patient so I would really like to get a solid cycle going with my 24 plant count.


I took a couple pictures but I have a new video camera so I'll get some good shot when the lights go out.


Flowering Tent shot



Here is the White Widow Mother I got from a friend. I transplanted it and ended up tying it over because it was too tall. This plant is going to have a ton of bud sights!



Shot of a Blue Venom. This plant has been in flowering for 5 days...



And some clones!!



Any questions , comments, or concerns... let me know!!





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Preventive pest control is the only way to go i keep a hot shot pest strip in both rooms throughout my grows as long as this is not in your area of the house where people linger all the time they are not dangerous.


Can you send me a link to the product you recommend?? I'd appreciate it!




.....Nevermind I found it, thanks.

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The girls are exactly 3 weeks into flower today!! Things are starting to look really nice. I just ordered some of the OG Kush by Reserva Privada and am going to start some of that for my next grow in DEC. I have never grown these strains before but I am hoping they will finish somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks.


Blue Venom





A NYC Diesel



I'll get a week 3 flowering video up next!!!









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what kind of tent / closet are the clones in? i will be taking clones from my plants before/during flower and was trying to come up with some way to have them in the same room. I would need something to run a small veg light in like that while big ones are flowering? any ideas?


The tent is a Secret Jardine Darkroom 80 and the clones are under a 4bulb T5 fluorescent. I plan on getting another 4bulb T5 and putting it next to the one I have and try vegging the 14 plants I have going currently in the tent. The T5's are great for clones/ mothers. My question is I have never vegged a plant for a long period of time under these and I wonder if they will stretch a lot.. I like my plants nice and bushy!

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Looking great Chewy. Looks like you learned tons from your first grow. I love the looks of your NYCD. Did you super crop that one?


I think that you will have little stretch using fluoros if you can keep them close to the plants.


Hot Shot strips do work well for killing pests. They can kill small clones and seedlings in an enclosed area too. They are Not healthy to use really at all. If absolutely necessary run them for a few days or even up to a week until the problem is solved and then store in a closed container like a zip baggy and a container or jar with lid. Then when you need to use it again it will still have juice. Don't use in your flower room after mid flower and don't run constantly. I only use them as a last resort.


I don't come here that much anymore. Would be cool if you would come over to saferseeds. No drama there and everyone is very helpful.


Happy Growing,


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I cropped them just a couple times but mainly these plants were just super bushy. I am having a little bit of a nute issue this grow. I think the full strength schedule according to Roots Organics feeding chart is a little too strong. It isn't anything major though, just a little bit of burn. At least I don't have any hermies this grow!! It could also be a PH Issue. I have always used the drop ph test kit and its pretty much impossible to test the PH of the run off water because it is so dark. I ended up getting a digital PH tester so I can dial that in much better on the next grow and the rest of this grow. The girls are officially 4 weeks into flower. I noticed they were eating up N pretty fast also so I hit them with a little extra in between feedings. I watered them today, the ph was 6.8 and I added a little bit of Buddah Bloom for that Nitrogen deficiency.I also noticed the tips of my leaves seem to curl down... any suggestions?! I want all the advice I can get..THANK YOU!! That White Widow Mother I had started showing balls!! I wasn't going down that road again I caught it early and got her the heck out. I think it has something to do with genetics now. I have since went into my flowering tent and made sure there are absolutely no light leaks. The only thing I can think of is a possible red LED from a power strip ???


Want to see some pictures ??


Here are the clones... They are coming along nicely.. I also have 3 Reserva Privada OG Kush that just came through soil and I am germing a Royal Queen Shining Silver Haze.



NYC @ week 4



Blue Venom @ week 4



A few ladies



Blue venom Cola



Garden Shot




Let me know what you think!!!







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