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Politicians Make Crappy Doctors

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Good evening,


I just wanted to share with all of you a new slogan we should employ when dealing with people like "The Three Stooges of Oakland County" - a.k.a. Bouchard, Cooper, & Patterson.


A few minutes ago I was sent an e-mail from an organization that will remain nameless as I do not wish to stir up a "hornet's nest of activity" regarding this issue. I was merely asked to vote from their top five choices of the bumpersticker their organization plans to use. And, I chose: Politicians Make Crappy Doctors


So, in all of my e-mail correspondence/letter-writing from this moment on I will be including this new phrase.


Have a good night - my better half is feeling better :thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu: and kicking me off of the computer! LOL!





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