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Best Ro Water Set Up For Low Pressure Well


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For those who have low pressure water systems, like a well, with points at 30/50 or even 20/40. I have found a great RO water filter system that works wonderfully. It is by APEC and is a portable unit specially made for low water pressure, and it is Made in the USA too. It is a very durable heavy duty system. It can hook up to most faucets easily. Also, the filters come right from DOW Chemical, now that is right here in Michigan.


This unit is $259 and comes with a free tds meter and a set of replacement filters too.

APEC Portable RO System link


One thing I like about this sytem is that I can increase my GPD by running the intake water warmer. The warmer the water the quicker it goes through the system. Well water averages 50 degrees F. The system ratings are for water at a temperature around 77 degrees F. Most RO systems are rated at that temperature. Also, most RO systems are hooked up to only the cold water line, you can't hook them up to only the hot water line because it would be too hot and damage the unit. So you are stuck with hooking it up to only the cold water line and it will supply a lot less output than what is advertised. With the portable system I have it hooks right up to the faucet and you can adjust the water warmer than what the ratings are and get a lot more RO water output than advertised. This may even be the best choice for almost anyones water supply.


I have been using my RO filter system for about 6 months now without any problems. I like this unit the best because I have the option to adjust the water intake temperature which helps to get the filtered water more quickly.


As for drinking water, my whole family is addicted to it now! Our well water is not bad either, but there is something about the RO water that just tastes so good. (It did take about a month of drinking it before realizing how much better tasting it is).


APEC does have other systems that will work for low pressure that are not portable if that is what you preferr. Be sure to check them out!



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