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White Paper

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This is a report for Townships on Medical Marihuana Act










by Gerald A. Fisher , Consultant



Hopefully this has not been posted anywhere on the Site ?


The Attached is 63 pages long ....


I 'm still trying to understand everything ...


Hopefully one of the Attorney's can explain this ?


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I'm not an attorney but I can tell the tone of it is anti current law. Seems to be coaching local govt on how to deal with his perceived problems of the medical mj act. Definately not an impartial report.Who paid for this consultant?


A land use and zoning prof they (MML) hired out of Cooley. He's also hooked into Oakland. Birds of a feather and all...



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The sheriff of Oakland county is urging the registration method for local governments in Michigan.


The dispensary in Ferndale worked with the city council. They gained the approval of the council. Two days after they opened, the sheriff raided the clinic.


The sheriff is now, and has been, asking for a list of every medical marijuana patient and caregiver in Oakland county.


Police can not be trusted with such a list. Some officers will arrest those who comply with local government. As demonstrated by sheriff Bouchard.


This is the reason that criminal penalties have been attached to the confidentiality section of our law. This is why employees and officials of local units of government are supposed to go to jail when this confidential information is passed around. None of them are supposed to divulge that information to ANYONE.


This law WILL be enforced.

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Posted: 10/19/2010 9:09:00 AM Subject: Medical Marihuana Message: This message has been cross posted to the following Forums: Attorneys and Planning and Zoning .




On October 8th attorney Bill Fahey (a regular contributor to this forum) posted the "White Paper" that was written for the MTA and MML (Michigan Municipal League). I read (word-for-word) all 63 pages and attempted to digest it from a laymans point of view...or, as some may prefer...a township officials point of view.


If nothing else, it certainly leaves you scratching your head and pondering many 'what if' scenarios. In the end it suggests that local municipalities can possibly enact zoning or other ordinances as a regulatory measure. I wonder if some type of pre-emtion of local zoning might be in the works? [Hypothetical Question]


If zoning is permissive in nature; then it would seem to reason that our 'inaction' would be just as effective. From what I personally gather, from reading the PZN and MTN...and even the newspaper once in a great while...if those that are using it - Caregivers & Patients....are using it properly then we probably will not even know that it exists in our own back yard...???


NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS - I am positive that the training session being offered at this years annual educational conference on Medical Marihuana will answer all of MY questions and YOURS! However, you need to make the effort to be there so that we can prosper together.







Robert [bob] Hall

Zoning & Code Enforcement

Michigan State University-Certified Zoning Administrator


City of White Cloud & Everett Township - Newaygo County

Norman Township - Manistee County






Received this from a listserv I belong to today.....

Thought I would share it with all of you.

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